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All designs created at 300 dpi and saved as PNG for a smooth transition from screen to print.
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Tabatha Van Meter

Hi! I am Tabatha Van Meter. I have been working with computers since 1994. My experience consists of PC troubleshooting & repair, WordPress Websites. Wix Websites, Graphic Design and more. I started BlueDart Graphix after having worked on a few projects that included websites, product label design, business cards design and more. I then found the world of Sublimation and here I am now, providing you with high quality designs and products! Other than my interest in computers and design, I enjoy embroidery, the outdoors, arts/crafts, photography and spending quality time with my family. I am a lady of many hats. I am a happily married Christian woman with 5 kids and grand-kids.

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Feel free to message me your questions or design requests. I am happy to help!
Monticello, Ga
Open hours
Daily 10:00 AM —11:00 PM

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